Friday, September 26, 2014

Camino Pilgrim Version 1.5 .3 is out! Please update

I have been working long and hard on this version update and hope that it will be helpful in your planning and walking on the Camino!

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank all those who donated towards the development of this app.  Yup, there's a donation button. :-)  and it looks like this:

I really appreciate your support and it will help me in being able to keep up and continue developing this work.  I would also like to thank all those who have given feedback on the app, including experiences (some have used the app everyday), suggestions, updates (such as costs, new albergues, updated information), corrections and questions.  I have tried my very best to answer your questions and incorporate your suggestions. Thank you for emailing and I welcome more of your comments and constructive suggestions.

It would also be great and really helpful to me if you could give my app a rating ( a good one, I hope!) on the Google Play store.  Please -- if ever  you have any questions, issues, problems or suggestions about the app -- email me first before giving a lower rating.  I always answer any issues and problems, and have on several occasions implemented users' suggestions.  I will be very happy to try and solve issues for you, and everyone will be happier if the app gets better.  Please kindly consider that this is a free app, and I am just relying on donations to keep up with my work.

Now to the new features of the app. I have made some corrections and have added 55 new albergues to the lodging information (and to think I just updated this information in January this year). It is not very easy to collect all this information so I hope that you could send me new albergues you find along the way -- maybe you could send location using the Share location feature and some basic information on the albergue, specially if it was good.  As you may have noticed, I try to keep the albergues in the app to the pilgrim ones, with beds costing from donativos to 5 euros or not more than 20 euros.

I am excited about the new feature I added -- the cumulative distances within a stage, and actually the entire Camino. The distances are based on the regular route, but some alternate routes are also handled. I think it will be much easier to design your customized schedule this way (thank you, Daniel, for the feedback on this issue).

I will write more about how to use this in my next post.

Buen Camino!

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